About company

Joint Stock Company Ural Siberian Industrial Company (USIC) – manufacturer of high-tech drilling rigs for production and exploration drilling. Established in July 2005. In addition to the manufacture of complete drilling rigs, the company manufactures individual units and assemblies, and also modernizes drilling equipment.

The uniqueness of the company is that USIC offers its customers integrated solutions in the supplies of drilling rigs – from agreement and approval of technical specifications, engineering and manufacturing to delivery to the field, installation, warranty and service maintenance.

General Director – Alexander Sergeevich Balashov.

Integrated solutions of the company


More than fifty highly qualified engineers of the company are engaged in development of design and technological documentation according to customer technical specification, obtaining all necessary permits for commissioning and supporting manufacture of drilling rigs elements and equipment.


USIC’s production facilities are concentrated in three in-house plants with a total area of 716,115 m2. Two of them have specially equipped platforms for control assembly of drilling rigs, which allows additional control of accuracy of their manufacturing before shipment to the customer. This greatly simplifies the installation process in the field.


OOO USIC-LOGISTICS (LLC), one of USIC’s service units located in Krasnoyarsk city, delivers the equipment manufactured at the company’s plants directly to the drilling field.

Installation and service

USIC JSC carries out the turnkey assembly of each object by itself. High-quality initial installation, commissioning works, testing, maintenance of manufactured drilling rigs is carried out by another division of the company – OOO USIC-SERVICE (LLC).

Company structure

Machine-building plants
Service companies
Design engineers and technologists

Our features

The potential of USIC allows to produce from 12 to 20 complete sets of drilling rigs per year.

This was made possible thanks to the vast experience gained over the years in the field of heavy engineering and the use of advanced technical solutions.

Import substitution

USIC JSC successfully implements the import substitution program in its projects.

Today, 95% of imported components have been replaced with domestic ones, that are not inferior to their foreign analogues in terms of technical and operational characteristics. This allows the company to be independent of currency and geopolitical risks in the manufacture and operation of drilling rigs.


The most important task of the company is to develop environmentally safe equipment.

USIC drilling rigs are equipped with:

  • filters for cleaning the air from oil vapors;
  • drilling mud leakage collection system, that ensures compliance with the strictest environmental protection standards.

In addition, the two-level design of drilling rigs allows minimizing the drilling pad area and, thus, reducing the environmental impact of oil and gas production.


USIC products are distinguished by high reliability and efficiency indicators, meet international quality standards, that is supported by international and Russian certificates ISO 9001: 2000 and API, GOST R.

Our own certification nondestructive testing laboratory allows to monitor the quality of elements and units of a drilling rig without interrupting the production process.

Centralized video monitoring of all production processes provides additional control over the production process and quality of work performance.

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