Company history



July 5, 2005

Foundation of ZAO Ural Siberian Industrial Company.

General Director of the company – Alexander Sergeevich Balashov.

Main activity – design and production of equipment for oil and gas industry.


The company carried out the first modernization of a drilling rig – BU Uralmash 3000 EUK.


Delivery of the first drilling rig designed and manufactured by ZAO USIC – a stationary drilling rig with the carrying capacity of 320 tons.

Two sets of drilling rigs were ordered by OOO GeoTrustService based in the Saratov region.


Four sets of stationary drilling rigs with carrying capacity of 320 tons were manufactured and delivered to OOO Vostokneftegazstroy, Krasnoyarsk Region.


Stationary drilling rig set with the lifting capacity of 320 tons was produced for ZAO Siberian Service Company in Novy Urengoy.


23 June 2011

Ural Siberian Industrial Company acquired the assets of the West-Ural Machine-Building Plant in Kiesel city, Perm region. Separate subdivision of USIC in Kizel was founded. Large-scale modernization of the production facilities was started.


The drilling rig USPK BU-320 EK was manufactured and assembled at the Kizel plant. The customer – OOO NSH ASIA DRILLING, the drilling rig was sent to Berezniki city for Yuzhno-Yurchukskoe field.

Upgrade of 4 sets of drilling rig Uralmash 3000 EUK (installation of drilling tower VMA 45/200-R) and delivery of the base for the drilling mud preparation unit with the frame of the shelter complete with tanks, mixers and pumps were made for OOO BC Eurasia in Kogalym.


Modernization of ten drilling rigs Uralmash 3000 EUK and Uralmash 3000 EUK-1M for OOO Targin Drilling, ZAO Siberian Service Company at Samotlor oilfield (Nizhnevartovsk), Novogodneye oilfield (Noyabrsk), Krayneye oilfield (Muravlenko), Prirazlomnoye oilfield (Nefteyugansk), Archinskoye and Yuzhno-Shinginskoye oilfields (Strezhevoy).


Modernization of the drilling rig ZJ50DBS for OOO VTB-Leasing in the Prirazlomnoye field, Nefteyugansk.


1 June 2015

ZAO Ural Siberian Industrial Company became Joint Stock Company Ural Siberian Industrial Company (USIC JSC).

Manufacturing of drilling rig USPK BU-320 EK for OOO Targin Drilling for Yuzhno-Purpeyskoye field, Muravlenko.


Manufacturing eight sets of drilling rig USPK BU-320 EK for OOO BURING SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES for Kondinskoye field, Khanty-Mansiysk.


Production the new generation of USPK BU-400 EKA Taimyr-01 drilling rig for OOO Taimyrbuservis for the Irkinskoye field, Dudinka.

Start production of six sets of drilling rig USPK BU-320 EK for OOO Baykitskaya Oil and Gas Exploration Expedition for Kuyumbinskoye field in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

August 28, 2018

Ural Siberian Industrial Company acquires the assets of PAO Bulanash Machine-Building Plant. A separate subdivision Machine-Building Plant was founded in Bulanash.


Production the new generation of drilling rig BU USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-R1 for OOO Taimyrburservice. Delivery – to Dudinka city, Irkinskoye field.

December 9, 2020

Foundation of OOO USIC-SERVICE (LLC), a subsidiary of USIC JSC.


USIC JSC – participant of Vostok Oil, one of the largest oil and gas projects in the world.

Manufacturing 5 sets of the new generation drilling rigs USPK BU-400 EKA Taimyr-01 and one set of the drilling rig BU USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-R1 for OOO Vostok Oil.

April 1, 2021

Ural Siberian Industrial Company acquired the assets of Nizhneturinsky Machine-Building Plant. A separate subdivision Nizhneturinsky Machine-Building Plant was founded.

March 26, 2021

Foundation of of OOO USIC-LOGISTICS (LLC), a subsidiary of USPIC JSC.

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