Drilling rigs

Ural Siberian Industrial Company JSC manufactures new generation drilling rigs for cluster and probe drilling as well as mobile drilling rigs.


  • block-modular design;
  • equipped modules;
  • three-layer shelter of block and panel type;
  • accelerated installation capability due to the use of finger fastening;
  • increased mobility;
  • dimensions of all blocks are acceptable for road transportation;
  • the design provides for the use of top drive;
  • drives are controlled from the driller’s cabin;
  • ability to operate at ambient temperatures ranging from -45°С to +45°С.


The most important task of the company is to develop environmentally safe equipment.

USIC drilling rigs are equipped with:

  • filters for cleaning the air from oil vapors;
  • drilling mud leakage collection system, that ensures compliance with the strictest environmental protection standards;
  • the two-level design of drilling rigs allows minimizing the drilling pad area and, thus, reducing the environmental impact of oil and gas production.

Import substitution

95% of imported components have been replaced with domestic ones, that are not inferior to their foreign analogues in terms of technical and operational characteristics. This allows the company to be independent of currency and geopolitical risks in the manufacture and operation of drilling rigs.

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