Modernization of drilling rigs and equipment

Ural Siberian Industrial Company modernizes obsolete equipment and drilling rigs manufactured in Russia, China, America and adapts them to modern drilling equipment, including those of its own design and manufacture.

Most of the drilling rigs used in Russia today were manufactured in 1987-1992, and the maximum service life of such equipment is 25 years. Morally and physically obsolete drilling rigs limit the potential of wells, not meeting customer requirements in terms of carrying capacity and modern equipment.

Drilling rigs modernization allows:

  • extend the period of safe operation;
  • to increase the carrying capacity of the drilling rig and the speed of drilling the well;
  • to equip the rig with modern equipment, including the possibility of using a power top drive;
  • for stationary drilling rigs – to provide the possibility of cluster drilling.

Modernization takes place without a long decommissioning of the drilling rig.

Development of USIC JSC

  • adaptation of modernized derrick winches to modern pumping and power equipment and drilling mud circulation systems;
  • introduction of modern control circuits and drives which increases the reliability of the equipment as a whole;
  • equipment of drawworks unit with comfortable operator cabins with modern means of small-scale mechanization;
  • replacement of the rail base that makes it possible to move the drilling rig along the well pad in a short time.

Completed projects

Drilling rigs modernization
«Uralmash 3000 EUK», «Uralmash 3000 EUK-1M»

  • Years: 2015
  • Customers: OOO Targin Drilling – 6 sets, ZAO Siberian Service Company (ZAO SSK) – 4 sets
  • Object addresses: Nizhnevartovsk city, Samotlor field; Noyabrsk city, Novogodneye field; Muravlenko city, Krayneye Field; Nefteyugansk city, Prirazlomnoye field; Strezhevoy city, Archinskoye and Yuzhno-Shinginskoye fields

About the project

Development of technical documentation, replacement of derrick-winch block and increase of drilling rig capacity from 200 to 250 tons, complete replacement of all control circuits, rails, drilling monitoring and control systems, supervision, commissioning.

Modernization of the drilling rig ZJ50DBS

  • Year: 2014
  • Customer: OOO VTB-Leasing
  • Location: Nefteyugansk, Prirazlomnoye oil field
  • Number of sets: 1

About the project

Development of technical documentation, equipment of drilling rig ZJ50DBS with a displacement and leveling mechanism, supervision, commissioning.

Modernization of the drilling rig «Uralmash 3000 EUK»

  • Year: 2012
  • Customer: OOO BK Eurasia
  • Address: Kogalym

About the project

Modernization of the drilling rig «Uralmash 3000 EUK» (drilling tower VMA 45/200-R) – 4 sets;
Drilling mud preparation unit base with shelter frame and shelter complete with tanks, mixers and pumps – 1 set.

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