Ural-Siberian Industrial Company (USIC) provides package of engineering, technical and consulting services for design, manufacture and construction of drilling rigs. USIC provides full designer’s supervision, guaranteeing the identity of the constructed objects to the design and working documentation. The company conducts developments in the field of digitalization of the operation of drilling rig equipment.

All USIC’s design developments pass an industrial safety review, are approved by Rostechnadzor, pass acceptance testing and only then are put into production.

More than fifty highly qualified engineers of the company are engaged in development of design and technological documentation according to customer technical specifications, obtaining all necessary permits for commissioning, and supporting manufacture of drilling rigs elements and equipment.

Usic engineering center

The Engineering Center performs design and engineering work for the production and modernization of drilling rigs and has a huge creative and technical potential.

USIC own design developments:

  • Drilling rig BU USPK 6000/400 ERA “Taimyr-R1”.
    Unique drilling rig, designed for work in the Far North regions.
  • Circulating mud cleaning system.
    Similar to the developments of such world manufacturers as M-I SWACO and Derrick. The design takes into account technical requirements of the leading drilling companies for equipment in the system: vibration sieve, centrifuge, sieve-hydrocyclone unit and degasser.
  • Mobile Drilling Systems
  • Top drive system
    Innovative high-tech equipment, allowing increasing the rate of penetration, accuracy of drilling structurally complex wells, increasing safety during drilling operations.
  •  High-pressure drilling pumps of the HBT series

Patented developments

Specialists of USIC engineering center developed and protected by utility model patents “Drilling rig disc brake” and “Drilling rig winch”.

Usic department of electrical equipment

The department of electrical equipment of USIC produces a complete project of the electrical part of drilling rigs and equipment.

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