Drilling rigs USPK-400 EKA

The drilling rig USPK BU-400 EKA Taimyr-01 is designed for deep operating cluster drilling of vertical, directional and horizontal wells for oil, gas and gas condensate. It is designed for drilling in the regions of Far North.

The nominal drilling depth is 6000 m, the hook load capacity is 400 tons according to GOST 16293-89.

Design features

  • AC electric variable frequency drive;
  • digital control system;
  • double-tower, block-modular, multilevel configuration;
  • derrick with open front face, adapted for operation with overhead power drive;
  • complete sheltering of the drilling rig;
  • ensuring environmentally safe operation.

Technical characteristics

Critical hook load, kN (tnf) 4000 (400)
Conditional drilling depth, m 6500
Derrick type VMP 46/400 mast-type, n-shaped
Drilling line diameter, mm 35…38

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