Fixed drilling rigs

Ural Siberian Industrial Company makes stationary drilling rigs with lifting capacity from 320 to 450 tons and with drilling depth from 5000 to 6000 m in different climatic versions.

The new development of the company – drilling unit BU USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-R1.

The drilling unit USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-R1 is equipped with digital control system, has the newest system of drilling parameters control with remote equipment monitoring and drilling status monitoring.

The environmental friendliness of the Taimyr-P1 drilling rig is ensured by filters for air cleaning from oil vapors and the drilling fluid leakage collection system.

The drilling unit USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-P1 has a double echelon design, which allows minimizing the area of well pad backfill.

Taimyr-R1 includes a complete shelter for the drilling rig, including the derrick, which allows the oilmen to work all year round in freezing temperatures.

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