Circulation system

The circulating system or bottomhole cleaning system provides:

  • drilling mud cleaning from the drilled rock;
  • drilling mud degassing;
  • removal of cuttings to external cuttings receivers by troughs or by means of a screw conveyor;
  • preparation of drilling mud of specified density, composition and quality;
  • storage of drilling mud stock;
  • maintaining and controlling mud properties and introducing chemical reagents and weighting agents into the mud during drilling;
  • topping up and supplying drilling mud into the well during tripping operations;
  • getting technically clean water from drilling mud.


Represents a complex of mechanisms and equipment and includes (with a four-stage cleaning system):

  • vibrating sieve;
  • sand separator;
  • desilter;
  • centrifuge;

The block-modular design of the circulation system makes it easy to transport it to a new drilling site on standard trailers without dismantling equipment.

The design of the circulation system was developed with consideration of operation in different climatic conditions and provides comfortable and safe working conditions for service personnel.


Total volume of drilling mud, m3 90 – 420
Water tank, m3 25-50
Number of purification stages 3 – 4
Solution preparation capacity, m3 10 – 35
Cooking unit capacity, m3/hour 150 – 250
Unit capacity of the means of cleaning, m3/hour:

– shale shaker
– D Sanders
– D Silters
– D Gaser



Centrifuge capacity, m3/h 50
Cuttings removal system capacity, m3/h 50
Auger diameter, mm 500

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