Hydraulic cathead

Hydraulic cathead US-0409.38.300SB is one of the USPK developments.

It provides smooth control of effort in the process of making up – breaking out (fastening – loosening) of the drilling tool.

Thanks to the hydraulic principle of operation, as well as the use of a force switch, a large, but adjustable pulling force (7-11-14 tons) is created, which guarantees the creation of any necessary torque when making up – breaking out  of drill pipes, weighted drill pipes, drill-string bottomhole assembly components, drill bits and other mechanisms.

The hydraulic cathead  can be operated either from an autonomous hydrostation with the provided control system, or from the general hydrostation of the drilling rig.

Design features

  • The remote control module allows to regulate the pressure in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cathead. Operation is possible from any convenient and safe place on the drilling site.
  • Simple hydraulic circuit, ensures trouble-free operation.
  • The minimum weight and compact dimensions provide ease of maintenance and allow the hydraulic cathead to be installed in any convenient place on the job site.
  • Brackets are included for easy installation.


300 300-1
Stroke of the rod, mm 630 800
Operating oil volume, cm3 9698 12015
Maximum force on the rope, tnf, at operating pressure in kg/cm3 (MPa)

100 (9,8)
160 (15,7)
200 (19,6)





Rope diameter, mm 22,5 22,5
Working stroke, mm 1260 1600
Rope speed (at Q=85 l/min), m/s 0,2 0,2
Test force on the rope at test pressure P=24.5 MPa, tf 17,5 17,5
Weight, kg 773 793

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