USIC receives guests

USIC receives guests

USIC receives guests

On June 2, Alexey Shmykov, deputy governor of Sverdlovsk region, and Igor Zelenkin, deputy minister of industry and science, visited the separate subdivision Machine-Building Plant of Ural Siberian Industrial Company in Bulanash.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the enterprise, its technical potential, plans and possible problems of USIC in order to assess what measures of state support could be provided to the company.

The guests toured the machine-assembly shop and the site for the control assembly of drilling rigs. Meeting continued in the office of the Executive Director of Machine-Building Plant Anton Maksimov.

Technical Director of USIC Danil Abdulkhakov spoke about the current state of affairs of the Ural Siberian Industrial Company, about the key tasks, shared difficulties. One of which is acute shortage of personnel, especially workers of different specialties. USIC is planning to organize its own training center, and meanwhile Alexey Shmykov and Igor Zelenkin offered to use the practice of target training at universities. Also, with the help of the Head of the Artyomovskiy urban district, Konstantin Trofimov, who also took part in the meeting, to establish contact with local special educational institutions.

At the moment Ural Siberian Industrial Company has a long-term contract within the framework of the Vostok-Oil megaproject of Rosneft in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region. Danil Abdulkhakov emphasized that 95% of materials and equipment used in the manufacture of drilling rigs are Russian-made, and suppliers from the Sverdlovsk Region have priority in choosing a contractor. This was positively noted at the meeting. It was also emphasized that it is necessary to deepen cooperation between enterprises of the Sverdlovsk Region, especially since many new strong and dynamically developing companies have appeared. The Ministry of Industry and Science is ready to be a connecting link. “We are waiting for your needs in all directions. Formulate a task – we will help,” said Deputy Minister Igor Zelenkin.

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