Drilling rig BU USPK 6000/400 ERA TAIMYR-R1

Drilling rig BU USPK 6000/400 ERA Taimyr-R1 is designed for deep exploratory drilling of oil and gas wells with vertical borehole direction by turbine or rotary drilling method in electrified and non-electrified areas.

The nominal depth of drilling is 6000 meters, the permitted hook load is 400 tons. The equipment meets the requirements of TR CU 010/2011.

Design features

  • AC electric variable frequency drive;
  • digital control system;
  • modular design;
  • tower type, block type;
  • complete sheltering of the drilling rig, including the derrick;
  • provision of environmentally safe operation.

Technical characteristics

Critical hook load, kN (tnf) 4000 (400)
Conditional drilling depth, m 6000
Derrick type VB-46/400
tower type
Derrick height, m 52
Drilling line diameter, mm 35
Drive type Electric AC with frequency control

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