Drilling rigs DS series (diesel fixed)

Technical characteristics

BU-320 DS BU-450 DS
Critical hook load, kN (tnf) 320 450
Conditional drilling depth, m 5000 6500
Drill-pipe stand lenght, m 25-27 25-27
Drive type diesel diesel
Derrick type open-front derrick open-front derrick
Derrick height, m 46 46
Drill floor height, m 8,3-8,8 9,2
Drilling line diameter, mm 32 35
Hardware of the block and tackle 6х7 6х7
Drawworks BL-1200/D-4 BL-1600/D-4
Drawworks power, kW 1200 1600
Swivel UV-320МА UV-450МА
Load capacity, tnf 320 450
Rotary system R-700 R-950
Rotary drive power, kW 440 440
Diameter of the hole in the rotary table, mm 700 950
Mud pump UNBT-950А UNBT-1180L
Mud pump power, kW 950 1180
Maximum pump flow rate, l/s 46 51,4
Maximum pressure developed by the pump, MPa 32 35

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